Monday, April 14, 2014

oh so pale

hi guys its nice to be able to make an outfit post. so how are you today ? i hope all of you are good. i am in a short holiday now because my senior have a national exam. 
so what am i doing during this short holiday? eating? sleeping? browsing? haha of course! i have a new activity by the way. sketching. yes that is my current addiction. 
i was so boring today and i decided to mix and match my clothes and i found this vintage top that i bought about 1 year ago but i never wore it. i know it looks pale paired with the skirt but i'm in the mood to wear a pale or a basic color haha

these are one of my sketching results, what do you think ? :D

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  1. Cute look dear....
    IG @gracenjio

  2. I love the skirt you are wearing! Lovely photos! xx

  3. nice look, vintage touch <3
    i like your sketch, maxi blue dress on the right one. i love how you make 2nd layer on top of those dress

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  4. cool sketch dear!


  5. Lope lope lopee >o<

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