Sunday, March 2, 2014

Old School

yay i'm so excited because i can blogging today! oh my God it's been a while, sorry guyssss :D
actually there are a lot of problem i have been through, at first i felt like my life is so damn crazy, there was no spirit, then i told it to my parent and they gave me so much advice and that was so usefull! Now, i'm not worry about it anymore, life is too short if we always think hard. Just make it easy, and everything will be easy :) 
and anyone who hate me, I DONT CARE about anything that you will do to me, because my life is too short to think about people like you haha 

so these are my current favourite outfit, a girly-vintage look, what do you think guys?


i dont know why my eyes always look to the ground ._.

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