Saturday, January 12, 2013


i'm so so so sorry for not updating my blog for about 2 months. actually i had so much times but my sister a.k.a my photographer was very busy and when she had a spare time she always made stupid reasons. moreover i dont have a good place around my house so i coudn't take a picture easily by myself. 
by the way.....
it's okay it was late but the important is the meaning of it :)
and i hope in this year, i can do my national exam very well, and get excellent score to me, that can make parent proud of me. I believe that i can do it, Amin :)

abut the outfit, this is my favorite outfit. i love the detail of the sweater plus the leather skirt. i had been looking for a longtime, and finally i got it!! *excited*
when i found this skirt i felt so lucky because i love the color, bronze. 

what i wore :
knit sweater : Gaudi 
 faux leather skirt in bronze : unbranded 
vintage leopard top(inner) 
bag : les catino(centro
flatshoes : FS(centro dept. store)

i'll post my next post as soon as possible, i promise! yeah i promise ;)