Friday, December 7, 2012

super surprise

oh God i miss blogging so damn much, there were many things that i have to do, too sad :( i'm so sorry for all, because i had so much tasks, assignments, tests and many more. how busy i'm in this 3rd grade :(

i took these picts 5minutes before rain haha-_- thankyou mom for the beautiful leather jacket, that's very amazing! so these are my outfit post for you, a casual outfit, enjoy :)

i'll tell you about the super surprise from my lovely friends. yesterday was my birthday, but before the d-day my friends already had some scenario to stay away from me until my birthday date. actually i felt mad, because i didn't have any friends in that day-_- but after school suddenly my friends pulled me then binding me to a pole in the middle of basketbal court. then from my back my friends threw some eggs and flours and suddenly there was my friend who stood behind of me with a tart, oh so sweet. and the first cake was for my 11 best friends :p hahaha how lucky i am have bestfriend like em' <3

milly of new york leather jacket // eustacia&co top // jacket jeans - thrift // highwaist shorts // sneakers - indonesia's local store // ray-ban

xoxo :)