Monday, June 11, 2012


yihaa i'm free! i feel so happy today, because today was the last day of the examination. okay i will tell you a bit of my story about direktorat examination. direktorat examination is just for international class. i passed my direktorat examination. it feels so free! haha and i was so excited when i got the highest score in science of my excited!! 
and i must prepare myself to blogger meet up in Yogyakarta. kak ade kurnianingrum invite me to join that event, and i accept it! i cant wait!! :D

this is my new shoes! i got this shoes when me and my mom in Ambarukmo Plaza(centro) then i saw that shoes, but the size was'nt available, so i booked that shoes. that shoes is from FS. it's comfortable shoes. i love it! 

what i wore :
1. manequin in top
2. FS in black flatshoes
3. nimco in classic bag
4. unbranded skirt

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  1. hello dear thanks for sweet comment, and stopping by my blog. cute polka dress <3<3


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