Saturday, May 26, 2012

casual denim

yeah this is my last post before have an exam on second semester about 8 days. i must prepare for the exam and dont forget praying o:) make my parent proud is the best thing that i want hehe    
i want to be doctor who loves fashion, like the one of my favorite fashion blogger adelle veronica :D xoxo

about my outfit, this is my favorite outfit. simple. that jacket jeans i bought last sunday with my friend. not branded but comfortable when i wear. and the top by chic simple. actually its a dress. the hight waist jeans is unbranded.


  1. Lovely dear, casual looks with retro touch in ur denim and belt, superb! Ehya, ur sneakers made u looks rock!
    Goodluck w ur exam!
    Wanna follow each other?


  2. thanks dear :) i just saw your blog and your fashion is really cool, i love it! and thanks for visited my blog :) please visit it again, okey i will follow you later ;)


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